I struggle with what to do here. I am at a loss most days as to what to post. I don’t want to drone on endlessly about work. I know that aside from my immediate family, most people don’t care. I enjoy talking about the entertainment industry, but most people seem to find me overly critical at best. So today I will leave you with a question that was asked of me the other day by a friend.

Have you ever been angry at God?

I have, I won’t go into all of the details save to say that it’s past and not likely to return. The puzzling thing about it was the question was raised in the conversation as if my friend wanted to be asked, yet he never gave his answer. So I ask all of you.


  1. Anonymous  

    I didn't really want you to ask. I was just curious about you.

  2. princess mal  

    i'm not angry at god. for one i don't know if he exists and two, if he does, i really can't blame him for evangelicals although it's tempting.

  3. Karl  

    One time I was so angry at God that I tried to have a face-to-face with him, but he rejected my demand. I was 16 at the time. Now I'm 52 and I'm glad he postponed my demand for a meeting.

  4. endergrl  

    Well, when you have a close relationship with someone, or something of course you are going to get mad at it from time to time. Why just last week pms caused me to brak up with my entire closet. So my answer is yes, I have definetly been mad at God before.

  5. Jenny  

    You think it took me long enough to get to this? Heheh...

    Yeah, I've been mad at God. I agree w/ Endergirl... anyone you have a close relationship with... there's gonna be some tension from time to time.

    And I had to giggle at the "pms made me break up with my whole closet". She is not the girl I would have pictured in high school "breaking up with her closet".

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