Pack up all of your belongings. Make sure that you turn the oven off in your house. Get you, your family and everything you own to Nebraska. In case you haven’t heard hurricane season starts tomorrow. YOU WILL DIE!


  1. Napoleon  

    Nebraska? That's Tornado Country. I would personally take a Hurricane over a Tornado any day, b/c you can see a Hurricane coming and get out of the way. Tornado just pop up out of nowhere

  2. IfIGetOld  

    If tornados are so dangerous, why aren't they all over the news right now? And why don't they give them names?

  3. Napoleon  

    Well I hate to tempt fate, but we got our first storm of the season in the SE, and well it was pretty much a dud. Hopefully they are all that way.

  4. Napoleon  

    One month down, 4 more to go

  5. Napoleon  

    Two months down, 3 to go

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