We missed the entire first half of this game. I'm not sure if that was unfortunate or not. There was another, non-football related party, we had to attend beforehand. By the time we got into the car to head to the football party, the score was already 0 - 12. Another 3 points were scored on the way. The party was fun. We got to see some old friends that we haven't hung out with in a while (jmb367, LordUltraMagnus & Ms. UltraMagnus). There was good food and drinks and a rather nice plasma television. The only other thing we could have asked for would have been a decent game to watch.

I will say this. I was glad to see that Spurrier didn't attempt a field goal when he had the opportunities late in the game so that he could save face by not being shut out. Instead he opted to do everything he could to try to win, which meant going for the touchdown. I don't feel that many of the other recent coaches would have made that decision and whether we scored or not he still tried.


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