It has been many years since I last saw the original The Dark Crystal, and I still remember if fondly. Now, this movie may not have been any good whatsoever as evidenced by the fact that I also held in high regard these (Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story and Legend) others from my childhood and I am unable to sit through any of them now.

It has been reported recently that there is now a sequel in the works. The article points out, of course, that the new director would like to honor Jim Henson and try to approach this movie the way that he feels Jim would if he were alive to make this one. I suppose my main concern is the last time I remember seeing a movie series come back to life saying 'We no longer feel hindered by technology' we got Jar Jar Binks.

Either way, we have added the original Dark Crystal to the top of our Netflix queue and we will most likely see this new one, hoping for the best.


  1. baldman76  

    Some of the other movies you mentioned in your post do pale in comparison to my childhood memories (and some are just the same- I didn't like Labyrinth all that much when I saw it in the theater), but I LOVE the Dark Crystal. And it seems to me that they are doing a pretty good job with the planning of the sequel. Original designers, original voice actors. I do hope it is good.

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