US swimming rep. talks about how to curb drownings
John Cruzat heads the US swimming diversity program. He came at the request
of members of the Brookland Baptist Church, where they met to talk about
how to curb the recent drownings in the Midlands.
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We have a US Swimming Diversity Program?

How will we know when US Swimming has reached maximum diversity?

Do we have an exit strategy for when maximum diversity has been obtained?

Is this department large enough to need a head?

Is it safe to assume that the department is funded by tax payers?

"Silver Alert" could be a reality in SC soon
Thursday on Nightcast, we told you about the "Silver Alert." It's just like
the Amber Alert, except the focus is on finding senior citizens like
Barbara Brunson, missing for five days so far.
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Maybe I'm too callous, but I think that this is totally funny.

One of these days I would love to see news get back to reporting actual news items. It's been a sad reality for quite some time now that, due to the 24 hour "News" networks, all of our input is pure fluff.


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