I am, once again, just regular old me at work. I was informed on Monday that the IS department has not filed the requisite paperwork to move forward on our project because they were waiting for approval from the VP. This is extraordinarily annoying because in the initial demo meeting he told everyone there that he wanted to push this through as quickly as possible and at the same time he gave his approval. That was 3 weeks ago. In the meantime, I have been researching and learning while at work. I have found that, while the current program would suffice, we can make it a lot more intuitive and easier to maintain. I love this sort of work. It requires thought, which in my work environment is extremely rare.

With all of this in mind my management has determined that I have no work to perform at this current time on development of the existing program. So I am supposed to resume my normal duties. I have, for the past two days done my job, and have done enough work, using my program, to meet my quotas for a week and a half. I was told that as soon as the ball gets rolling that I would be freed from my duties again. I have this fear now that when IS becomes involved, that the whole project will be taken away from me. I’m not concerned about departmental recognition or anything like that. My main goal with this, is to be able to get out of my department and find a new home doing something more technical and interesting.

On a small side note, a friend of mine was just awarded employee of the month for January, because she makes the coffee for the department. It’s only moderately insulting that this is the sort of thing that is applauded in my area. To make it worse, the only real recognition that anyone receives is a small plastic “Traveling Trophy” that you get to sit on your desk for the month.


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