We got to spend some time this weekend with some friends and see some people that we haven’t seen in quite some time. It was the second ex-girlfriend that my wife has had the pleasure of meeting in the past month. Thankfully, both instances went off very well. The real reason for this information was that my ex stated this weekend that there is some sort of statute of limitations on relationships. Apparently, if it’s been 10 years or more since you dated, it is no longer recognizable as anything more than a friendship. I was unaware of this particular loophole, but I do find it to be extremely reasonable.

On another note, we have been in-between churches for quite some time now. My wife and I met at church and were both very involved there. As our relationship developed and we got to talk and know each other more, we realized that this was not the place for us. That was about a year and a half ago. We have visited several churches since then, some several times, yet we have not found the place that we feel God has for us to serve and worship. With that said, we did not attend anywhere on Easter Sunday. It feels quite foreign to me not to be in church regularly and absolutely alien not to be there on Easter.

Lastly, I have applied for a programming job within my company. I have applied for this same position twice before, but now have some more experience under my belt. With the work that I have done in my current position I should be able to show that I have at least the requisite aptitude. I had a separate conversation with the aforementioned ex about a companies responsibility to it’s employees and it customers to make every attempt to place employees where they can best serve and then use all available resources to grow that employee into their greatest potential. This is my hope and prayer.


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    thanks for the link to dwight's blog. which, you will notice, i've tapped as "dwight-schrute-privates" i hope you've watched the season 1 deleted scenes... if not... well, just do :)

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