Let’s look at a couple of different scenarios.

Suppose you work in a high-stress office environment. You don’t really want to leave because it pays well; yet, the dealing with the stress gets to you. Maybe, in order to deal with the situation, you decide to smoke marijuana. You might consider the mellowness a performance enhancer. If, sometimes it happens, your employer were to find out about your extra-curricular activities; would you expect to be allowed to keep your job?

If you are a professional baseball player and take ILLEAGAL drugs to make you a “better” ball player; the current regulations in MLB state that you face a ten day suspension from work.

Suppose you work in an office building with thousands of employees and the nature of the business deems this building a secure facility. If you decide one day that you do not need to scan your badge on the way into work and even worse yet; you decide that you should ASSAULT the security officer whose job is to guard the front door from people who do not belong in the building (partly for your own safety); do you expect to not be detained and or arrested?

If you are a Georgia CongressWoman, somehow attacking an officer of the LAW is no big deal and in fact you may be not even be at fault in the situation.

Suppose you are not an American citizen but you would like to be. You have moved from your home country to the United States and worked for years to follow all of the thousands of procedures set forth by the Immigration and Naturalization Service in order to obtain LEGAL citizenship.

If hundreds of thousands of people have entered your new country and obtained employment ILLEAGLY, would you consider your situation and theirs to be “Equal?”

Why do our representatives even bother to recommend, write, argue about, amend and finally pass any sort of law when we always seem to find some sort of situation where it doesn’t apply? When can we agree that the law is the law and it applies to everyone equally?


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