So it's been an extremely long time since I have updated here and even when there were posts they haven't let anyone know what's going on in my life. With that in mind I'm going try to fill everyone in as much as possible.

My wife and I celebrated our third anniversary one month ago today. It seems like we have been together for much longer than that and at the same time like we were just married yesterday.

We have found a church and have been attending there for at least the past year and it has been a great blessing for both my wife and me. We have met several couples around our age who share similar interests and are likable. These are all things that we had been praying for for quite a long time.

We are still living on the family compound with My wife's Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, Mother, Father, 2 Sisters and Brother as our neighbors. This is both a blessing and a curse. While we love them all and greatly appreciate the closeness that we share with them; at times it feels like we can't get started making our own lives together.

On the topic of making our own way we are about 20 weeks into our first pregnancy. We found out a week and a half ago that we are going to have a little girl, due sometime in the middle of December. This has proved to be more exciting, scary and overall emotional than either one of us expected, however, we are both very happy and can't wait to meet our daughter.

On the work front, I did not get into the program that I was trying for back in April of 2006. I also didn't get in when I applied in September that same year. I did, however, get a new position that satisfied all of the prerequisites so that when I applied in September 2007 I was accepted, albeit begrudgingly. The classes started in January this year so I had 3.5 months in a job that I knew I would be leaving very soon. I do not recommend that if you can avoid it. Once the classes started, work seemed to take over a lot of my time. There was a lot of overtime for reading and programming required. I finished the 3 month course at the top of the class and have now been in my new job for about 3 months.

It's been slow going but, it's a huge blessing as well. The raise was enough that I have been able to tell my wife that she does not have to work. If she chooses, she can go back but, she's not getting any pressure for me and I know that it's a weight off of her shoulders. With that in mind she has gone into full nesting mode and is, daily, making plans on how to best arrange the house for when the baby comes. I love seeing her light up and get excited about these things.

That's all that I can think of for right now.


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