Apparently this man fabricated a couple of stories in his book and it's a national scandal.

This man, given his track record, has probably fabricated an entire book and no one cares.


  1. princess mal  

    i don't see an oprah book club sticker on clinton's tome...

  2. IfIGetOld  

    Are you saying that being endorsed by Oprah should elicit more honesty than being a former leader of the free world?

    This really sounds to me like you are mad because Oprah told you to be. And this was then trumpeted by the media as if someone had committed treason.

    Let it be said that the new rule shall be…If you lie to Oprah, it’s straight to the gallows for you.

  3. princess mal  

    well... i was just making a joke. what i find distasteful about the frey thing is that everyone pounced on this ex-addict because he made a few things up. i don't know any addicts who aren't also liars. that said, i also don't know any presidents who aren't also liars.

    my joke was more that if clinton's book had been an oprah book maybe it would have been ripped to shreds, too.

  4. IfIGetOld  

    Sorry, I didn't read the sarcasm in your original comment.

    I feel that if Frey's book is well written enough that everyone believed it was true and it helped people with their addictions, then, what does it matter if it's not all true.

  5. princess mal  

    well then for that matter you could say the same about clinton...

    i think the initial reaction to frey WAS you helped me ands that's enough but then someone told oprah 'woman, you got duped. why are you supporting this guy? now it looks like oprah supports liars!' was it right for the truth to come out? yes. was it right for there to be such an immense backlash? yes, but not in the face of so many lies we are told by politicians on both side of the fence that we just accept.

    i think that james frey could have redeemed himself a bit more if he'd offered to donate some part of his earnings to substance abuse programs or something like that. the fact that he just kind of hung his head but still tried to half-heartedly defend himself was pretty weak.

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